Freedom Shifts

Have we been tricked into believing that we have only been given this life to please, perform and be noticed by others? Could it be that, although we are free, we are not walking in the power and authority of our freedom?

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Healing for Your Body & Freedom for Your Soul

“Jesus has set us free, not partially, but completely and wonderfully free” Galations 5:1

How do you come to Jesus today? Do you need healing? Are there chains that need to be broken? Do your dreams need to be reawakened, your hope revived, or your broken heart restored? Shift your eyes off your need and straight into the eyes of the One that delights to make you whole.

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 Our flesh has not been trained to deny itself or to deny others. Our own impulses, combined with those of our culture, press us toward excess, leaving us weak-willed and under a fake veneer of “having it all and being it all ” which is masking a new kind of slavery that we need to be liberated from.

  •  Are there activities and commitments that feel heavy and draining in your life right now?

  • Who are the people you feel like you must appease, or the ones that always leave you feeling worse after you’ve been in their presence?

  • Do you have strong, lingering thoughts about buying and acquiring things?

  • Are you choosing fear that’s packaged to look like good habits or the perfect, “best” way to eat? 

 What might freedom look and feel like in any and all of these areas?

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Amber JaworskyComment
Living Water

We can search for life in only two places. We can find life to the fullest vertically, or we will shop for it horizontally.

The Samaritan Woman was thirsty and wasn’t afraid to say so. Her horizontal pursuit of life was abruptly intersected by the Source of true life, and this interaction was the defining moment of her life.

  • What are you thirsty for? 

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Sweet Comfort

Feeling comfortable, safe and cared is fundamentally important for us. We’ve got to feel it and know it to thrive in this life. 

What brings you comfort? What helps you feel better? What enables you to feel safe? What eases your weariness? What alleviates your pain? To encounter peace and move forward in life, we must know and understand the attribute of comfort.

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