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The UN-RESOLUTION Wellness Program

"Un-Resolution" because this program is not about your resolve or a list of 10 lofty goals that you'd like to achieve in 2018. This is a program packed full of my favorite tools, resources and techniques to improve your health and create balance from the inside out. 

From obesity to chronic illnesses, there are two key factors involved: toxicity, and deficiency. While it's paramount to cleanse your body by eliminating toxic input- it’s equally important to address nutritional shortcomings with nutrient dense foods.  The Un-Resolution Wellness Program will completely reset your body by addressing BOTH toxicity and deficiency to help you achieve vibrant health. 

You pick the level of participation: 

  • Cleanse & Restore + Eating to Thrive Email Program, or
  • Eating to Thrive Email Program only. 

A. FULL CLEANSE & RESTORE PROGRAM: The full cleanse & restore program utilizes a 4-pronged approach to completely over haul your health.

  1. 30-day gentle essential oil, enzyme and probiotic cleanse. This is one of the only cleanses I recommend. (I'm not a fan of starving, liquid diets, or eating only 3 things for a week straight) Keep in mind, a good cleanse can only go so far. The only way to ensure sustained progress toward healing and comprehensive wellness is to nourish and restore with nutrient-packed food AS WELL. You'll get my Eating to Thrive Guide & Workouts for FREE ($99 value) when you purchase the required oils + supplements to complete the cleanse. You'll also receive a personal welcome and on-boarding call with me to get you set up on the program and answer any wellness questions you may have. 

  2. Eating to Thrive Guide. Each week, you will receive emails with recipes for daily green drinks, healthy plant-based recipes, and useful health tips. I'll also give you resources to help your 2018 be productive and intentional. We'll use Jennie Allen's Dream Guide to inventory and process growth in your personal, spiritual, work, and relational areas of life. You'll also receive guidance on how to select ONE WORD for 2018. With this combination of goodness, you can ditch the shallow resolutions that can often times set you up to fail.  
  3. Circuit training & Yoga Workouts. Behavior and lifestyle changes cannot be complete without adding some form of exercise into your routine. You will receive access to short circuit training, resistance workouts, and detoxifying yoga flows that can be done in the comfort of your own home. 
  4. Facebook Group. Community support is essential when you take on a wellness initiative such as this. I highly recommend doing this program with a close friend so you can encourage and hold each other accountable when things get tough. But even then- being a part of a like-minded group can work wonders. The Un-Resolution Wellness Program Facebook Group will be a place to post questions and glean helpful information while you are on the program. Anyone can join (or be added) to the facebook group to receive support + community. On this site, you will receive coaching and guidance from yours truly! Get your questions answered as well as encouragement and support from me in the forums, videos and live webinars.  Click  HERE to join the group. 
  • COST: $245 plus tax & shipping

B. EATING TO THRIVE GUIDE EMAIL PROGRAM ONLY: If you would rather not participate in the cleanse, this is the option for you ;0)  Participants will receive all of the components listed above in #2, #3, & #4, and it's a powerful way to spring into 2018 and revolutionize your health. I'm discounting the cost of this wellness program by 50% to extend health and well-being into as many lives as I can. 

  • COST: $47



Program starts February 5th and ends March 4th.

Anyone who orders the required Cleanse & Restore products between January 5- January 26th will receive access to the Eating to Thrive Guide and Workouts for FREE.  

If you register for the FULL program, upon receipt of your registration, I will reach out to you directly to onboard you into the Cleanse + Restore Cleanse Program. 

Acceptable orders include:

  • Doterra's Cleanse + Restore Enrollment kit as a new enrollment. You will receive an additional 100 points ($100) to use towards more essential oils during the month of February. (BONUS!!)
  • Doterra's Cleanse + Restore items individually on LRP. These include: Lifelong Vitality Supplements, PB Assist, GX Assist, Zendocrine Complex, Zendocrine Softgels, Lemon Oil, Terrazyme, DDR Prime Softgels. When your order is processed, email the order receipt to and I will add you to the Eating to Thrive Email Program. 
  • If you are already enrolled with Doterra with someone else, you can still participate in the program- just register for the $47 Eating to Thrive Email Program and email me your order receipt of the Cleanse + Restore items to participate in the FULL program.

*** To keep it simple and because of the incredible value of this program, I am asking that you please don't contact me with exception requests (like I already have two of the products etc.) you can use the extras at a later time because you can do this program multiple times and as many times as you want. ONLY orders with the items listed above will be eligible for the FREE Eating to Thrive Email Program and fitness videos. 







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