Soul Fitness Yoga

Get Physically & Spiritually Fit 

Our classes are so much more than a typical physical workout because each one is filled with truth and encompasses a three-fold purpose of:

Giving God Glory

Strengthening Your Body

Feeding Your Soul

Soul Fitness 75:

 A total-body workout that addresses all 3 facets of fitness (strength, cardio & flexibility). It is challenging but doable! Soul Fitness 75 burns a ton of calories and gets the heart pumping through interval strength & cardiovascular training exercises, plyometrics, and yoga. Typically, the class is 45 minutes strength & cardio and 30 minutes yoga flow.


Holy Yoga:

Themed on Biblical scripture, our Holy Yoga classes link breath and yoga postures together to create balance and strength. This is an active form of yoga, with lots of moving that produces long, lean muscles. When you attend these classes, you can expect a fun and creative flow (vinyasa) format that is guaranteed to diffuse stress and increase mobility and circulation.  


Restorative Holy Yoga:

Restorative yoga is the perfect practice for those needing a gentle reset.  Often done in a candlelight setting, this slow form of yoga works to restore energy and calm the nervous system.