Workouts for the Soul

Revive your soul, and connect with God through Christian meditations.

Time is the most precious currency we have; once it’s spent, it’s forever gone. It seems like this is a well-known and fiercely embraced truth- judging by the way we run ourselves into the ground with gridlocked schedules and malnourished souls. 

Our time with Jesus and the care of our souls is usually the first thing to go when we our schedules are stuffed too full. However… creating space for God is the #1 discipline of the soul, and resting with God is the most spiritual thing you can do. This takes an immense amount of trust, discipline and effort. This quote from Henri Nouwen seems to capture the essence of what I hope to hold space for with these meditations:

“The real ‘work’ of prayer is to become silent and listen to the voice that says good things about me…. To gently push aside and silence the many voices that question my goodness and to trust that I will hear the voice of blessing….. That demands real effort.”

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