Soul Fit Colorado Boot Camp


Soul Fitness workouts are geared around three main facets of fitness: Strength/Resistance Training, Cardiovascular Training, and Flexibility Training. The three components of training work together to create a sound and balanced body. If one were to leave one facet of training out of an exercise regime, the result would be imbalance and a predisposition to injury.

We combine fitness training with a spiritual message because physical exertion quiets the mind and prepares the heart to commune with God.  


High Intensity Interval Training & Bootcamp:  

HIIT is a type of cardio/strenght training that alternates short- very high intensity intervals of activity with longer, slower intervals of activity. This type of training gets you in shape very quickly and improves your muscles ability to burn fat. Soul Fitness bootcamps and HIIT workouts are high energy, fun and LOUD! Short and sweet, but TOTALLY effective.