Kristin Gibowicz

Kristin began practicing yoga in 2002 after her doctor told her she should expect a second back surgery on her lumbar spine.  An outdoor enthusiast and a young mom, she refused to accept the diagnosis.  That afternoon she stepped into CorePower Yoga and committed to practicing to see if she's see any improvements in her condition.  A consistent yoga practice helped strengthen her core physically, gave her body awareness, and reduced stress in her mind and body.  Knowing that 80% of Americans suffer from back problems, Kristin felt moved to learn everything she could about the anatomy, breathing techniques to reduce stress, and how to help transform others health and wellness through teaching yoga.  For over a decade, Kristin has led hot and power yoga, yoga sculpt,  fitness boot-camps, and teacher trainings at CorePower Yoga studios throughout the South Denver Metro area. In some ways, teaching yoga and fitness over the past 11 years has become a ministry. In yoga, we conclude class with the traditional salutation ‘Namaste.’ It translates to ‘the light in me, honors that in you.’ My hope is to be present to God’s work unfolding around me all the time and that Christ’s light in me may bless and honor others. Soul Fitness is the culmination of Kristin's love for God, the desire to feed the "whole woman," and to practice living a balanced and healthy life-style.  Kristin lives in Parker, CO and is married to Craig Gibowicz and has three daughters: Anna, Allison and Emily "Lou".


Devany Bourdo

Devany began practicing yoga nearly 20 years ago as a requirement for her high school dance team. It didn’t take long for her to fall in love with the combination of stretching and movement to breath. In 2017, Devany was introduced to Christ-centered yoga at Soul Fitness’s Legacy of Love Retreat a year after her second child was born. This was a difficult season for her as she was struggling with symptoms of weight gain, fatigue and depression due to undiagnosed postpartum hypothyroidism. Devany found that the practice of Soul yoga increased her energy, uplifted her mood and turned her heart towards the Lord. The integration of movement, breath and Scripture meditation began to heal her body and heart and in 2018 she became a certified 200 hour Holy Yoga Instructor and also completed leadership training.

For the past year she has taught Soul Yoga classes on Saturdays as well as additional classes at her church and events. As a stay-at-home mom, with limited free time, she loves how the practice of Soul Yoga provides a workout, time in the Word, meditative prayer, full-body worship and stillness all in one hour. Joyful and fun in nature, Devany wants you to leave class feeling inspired & re-connected with the One who created you. 

She is married to her high-school sweetheart, L.J., and they live in Centennial, CO with their 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter. Outside of Jesus and her family, Devany loves coffee, reading & writing, being outdoors, living in community and hearing peoples’ stories. Check out her blog at