Soul Fitness feeds the spirit of health minded women through inspirational workouts and special events.  At Soul Fitness we believe in training holistically and inviting God into every aspect of our lives; even our physical fitness. 


Soul Fitness was formed out of a passion for fitness and a need for invigorated faith. Here in Colorado, over 70% of the population is unchurched- but nearly everybody loves getting outside and moving their bodies. So, in 2011, we tested out the concept of blending a workout with a short Bible lesson as a women’s summer study at Mountainview Christian Church.

That first summer we utilized staff and leaders in the church to teach a short lesson on the women in the Bible and then we followed their teaching with a short yoga class. We felt like we stumbled upon the greatest combo ever- so we quickly followed up with a second series on the Fruits of the Spirit. Women were over the top excited and we witnessed a powerful connection between the physical and spiritual aspects of our beings.

Shortly there after, we were asked to host the Faith & Fitness Women’s Retreat at Camp Timberline in Estes Park, CO. That first retreat was plagued with snow, mud slides and washed away roads, but 40 brave women were divinely intersected by our Living God.

It’s been 7 years since that first retreat, we’ve grown exponentially, and we still have a relentless drive to continue to offer space for God to transform lives through our classes, programs and retreats. We hope you’ll join us at one soon!