From obesity to chronic illnesses, there are two key factors involved: toxicity, and deficiency. While it's paramount to cleanse your body by eliminating toxic input- it’s equally important to address nutritional shortcomings with nutrient dense foods. The Eating to Thrive Program is a month-long initiative that addresses BOTH toxicity and deficiency to help you achieve vibrant health.

Each Week You'll Receive:

  • Two Information-dense emails per week. 1). An educational email with nutrition best-practices and health tips to boost your wellness. 2.) A resource email with recipes for daily green drinks, healthy plant-based recipes, and home-based workouts.

  • Circuit training & Yoga Workouts. Behavior and lifestyle changes cannot be complete without adding some form of exercise into your routine. You will receive access to short circuit training, resistance workouts, and detoxifying yoga flows that can be done in the comfort of your own home. The links to these weekly workouts will arrive in the weekly resource email.

  • Resources to help your life be productive and intentional. We'll use Jennie Allen's Dream Guide to inventory and process growth in your personal, spiritual, work, and relational areas of life. You'll also receive guidance on how to select ONE WORD to theme your year on.

  • Facebook Group. Community support is essential when you take on a wellness initiative such as this. I highly recommend doing this program with a close friend so you can encourage and hold each other accountable when things get tough. But even then- being a part of a like-minded group can work wonders. The Eating to Thrive Facebook Group will be a place to post questions and glean helpful information while you are on the program. Anyone can join (or be added) to the facebook group to receive support + community. On this site, you will receive coaching and guidance from yours truly! Get your questions answered as well as encouragement and support from me in the forums, videos and live webinars.  Click  HERE to join the group. 

Eating to Thrive Weekly Topics:

WEEK ONE: Simple Steps to Achieving Comprehensive Wellness

WEEK TWO: Getting Down to Business: Plant-based Basics, Foods to Avoid, & Superfoods

WEEK THREE: Detox Guide: Healthy From the Inside Out

WEEK FOUR: Staying Hooked: Boosting, Healing & Moving Forward

Cost: $45